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Pinoy is operating as a Demo Site for public view only. All Copyright embedded content are located on the owners personal websites, Social Media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.

Pinoy.COM is currently on the Market. We value this Domain Name only for it’s Top level Premium .COM status and NOT for content. We block all search engines and Web crawlers including Google robots to measure Organic Traffic tracking Direct, Social Media, and “Word Of Mouth” visits only.

We offer finders fee and pay you as a (Broker) from $10K-$100K or more depending on the Percentage of the purchased price. Click Here. You or your Client must initiate an offer.

As we continue to develop and discover New sophisticated more powerful software/app to run this Domain, the price of this Domain is subject to change. For now, we will use all current Open Source/CMS Engines and Apps available. It’s only a matter of time for this Domain name to be off the Market. Imagine the opportunities of Pinoy. You can direct traffic to your Financial Exchange service, Remittance, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, have “pinoy.com for your TV/Radio/Podcast show, Youtube Channel, Advertisement Billboards, Ecommerce, etc. Don’t snooze on Pinoy. There are endless possibilities we’ve mentioned that might just take this Domain name OFF the Market sooner than you think. Technology will always Win.